10 Tips for Outdoor Weddings


Outdoor weddings are great for a number of reasons: there’s no limit on how late your guests can stay out, you can be as loud as you want, and you have the beautiful outdoors as a backdrop.

But what happens when things go wrong? The weather isn’t always on our side.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help prepare you for whatever comes your way. Whether that be rain, wind or if it gets too cold or hot.

  1. Tell your guests that the wedding is outdoors in the invitation

    This will help guests prepare for the weather.

  2. Don’t wear stilettos if your wedding is on grass

    Unless you want to aerate the grass, we recommend keeping those gorgeous stilettos at home. If you absolutely must wear thin high heels, bring an extra pair of wedges or thicker heeled shoes as a backup in case. This also helps if it rains and the grass becomes soft.

  3. Bring umbrellas

    Bring some for your wedding party and key family but also mention it in your wedding invite so your guests can be prepared. The transparent umbrellas are very chic right now!

  4. Have wooden stakes and a hammer on hand

    If it’s windy and your tent walls are flapping too much, hammer wooden stakes into the ground that push up against the walls and away from your guests.

  5. Fill an ice trough with ice and drinks

    Leave a trough filled with ice and drinks by the ceremony during the summer to keep your guests cool.

  6. Bring towels

    Wipe your ceremony chairs dry if it rains.

  7. Bring a mop

    Rain can sometimes leak into the entrance of your tent and leave water on any installed flooring you have. A mop will help keep your guests from slipping.

  8. Turn your ceremony programs into fans

    It can get very, very, VERY hot in the summer. Give your guests a fan by printing two pieces of paper for your program and sticking a popsicle stick in between. Print shops sometimes offer this service!

  9. Bring fly catcher ribbon

    Once the food is served, flies sometimes like to appear. It can definitely help your catering staff to have some fly catchers.

  10. Give your guests mosquito spray

    Leave a small bucket or two of mosquito spray outside your tent for guests to help combat itchy pests.

  11. BONUS: Bring your best smile!

    Because no matter what happens, you’re getting married and that’s all that matters!

If you have any other tips that we haven’t included but might help future brides, comment below!